Nathaniel J Gleason

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This paper describes a new technique--microscale steady-state kinetic analysis (microSKA)--that enables the rapid and parallel analysis of enzyme kinetics. Rather than physically defining a microscopic reactor through microfabrication, we show how the relative rates of reaction and transport in a macroscopic flow chamber, where the enzyme is immobilized on(More)
Anthropogenic nitrogen deposition can provide legumes with a cheap source of nitrogen relative to symbiotic nitrogen fixation, leading to the potential breakdown of this critical symbiosis. Here, the effects of nitrogen deposition were tested on a native symbiosis between legumes and rhizobia. Deposition rates, soil nitrogen concentration, and plant(More)
We present a strategy for the rapid, efficient, and accurate measurement of the coefficient of diffusion (D) of solutes using a commercial capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument. This approach utilizes the classic analysis of Taylor of the dispersion of solutes pumped hydrostatically through glass capillaries. To obtain accurate values of D, we modified(More)
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