Nathaniel Hunt

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Approximate entropy (ApEn) and sample entropy (SampEn) are mathematical algorithms created to measure the repeatability or predictability within a time series. Both algorithms are extremely sensitive to their input parameters: m (length of the data segment being compared), r (similarity criterion), and N (length of data). There is no established consensus(More)
Subsurface horizontal flow reed beds are being evaluated for Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) removal from plant nursery runoff water in New South Wales Australia. The need to include plants (Phragmites australis), the effect of reaction time (3.5 v 7.0 d) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) on N and P removal in batch fed gravel wetland tubs (55 L) was(More)
Humans exhibit an innate ability to synchronize their movements to music. The field of gait rehabilitation has sought to capitalize on this phenomenon by invoking patients to walk in time to rhythmic auditory cues with a view to improving pathological gait. However, the temporal structure of the auditory cue, and hence the temporal structure of the target(More)
We have fabricated high quality, dielectric GaaO, thin films. The films with thicknesses between 40 and 4000 A were deposited by electron-beam evaporation using a single-crystal high purity Gd,Ga,O,, source. Metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) and metal-insulator-metal structures (MIM) were fabricated in order to determine dielectric properties, which were(More)
One-dimensional microcavities are optical resonators with coplanar reflectors separated by a distance on the order of the optical wavelength. Such structures quantize the energy of photons propagating along the optical axis of the cavity and thereby strongly modify the spontaneous emission properties of a photon-emitting medium inside a microcavity. This(More)
A U-shaped relationship between cognitive demand and gait control may exist in dual-task situations, reflecting opposing effects of external focus of attention and attentional resource competition. The purpose of the study was twofold: to examine whether gait control, as evaluated from step-to-step variability, is related to cognitive task difficulty in a(More)
In addition, Affiliations 1 and 2 were updated. The correct presentation is given in the following. 1. UMR-S 1075 INSERM and Université de Caen Normandie, Pôle des Formations et de Recherche en Santé, 2 Rue des Rochambelles, 14032 Caen Cedex 5, France 2. Center for Research in HumanMovement Variability, Department of Biomechanics, University of Nebraska at(More)
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