Nathaniel Fruchter

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Many people use the Internet every day yet know little about how it really works. Prior literature diverges on how people's Internet knowledge affects their privacy and security decisions. We undertook a qualitative study to understand what people do and do not know about the Internet and how that knowledge affects their responses to privacy and security(More)
Telepresence means business people can make deals in other countries, doctors can give remote medical advice, and soldiers can rescue someone from thousands of miles away. When interaction is mediated, people are removed from and lack context about the person they are making decisions about. In this paper, we explore the impact of technological mediation on(More)
—Different countries have different privacy regulatory models. These models impact the perspectives and laws surrounding internet privacy. However, little is known about how effective the regulatory models are when it comes to limiting online tracking and advertising activity. In this paper, we propose a method for investigating tracking behavior by(More)
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