Nathaniel E. Barber

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The association of raised triglyceride levels with peripheral arterial disease has indicated that different interactions of environmental, biochemical and genetic risk factors promote atherosclerosis in particular sites. This hypothesis was investigated in patients presenting with atherosclerotic disease in the carotid (n = 23) or peripheral arteries (n =(More)
Little evidence is available on the pharmacokinetics of antituberculous medication in premature infants. We report rifampicin (RMP) pharmacokinetics in an extremely premature, low-birthweight female infant born to a mother with known miliary tuberculosis. Intravenous RMP, isoniazid (INH), ciprofloxacin and amikacin were used, as the enteral route was not(More)
Vascular infiltration and associated alterations in microvascular blood flow are critical for complete bone graft healing. Therefore, real-time, longitudinal measurement of blood flow has the potential to successfully predict graft healing outcomes. Herein, we non-invasively measure longitudinal blood flow changes in bone autografts and allografts using(More)
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