Nathanael Hübbe

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Large HPC installations today also include large data storage installations. Data compression can significantly reduce the amount of data, and it was one of our goals to find out, how much compression can do for climate data. The price of compression is, of course, the need for additional computational resources, so our second goal was to relate the savings(More)
While the amount of data used by today’s high-performance computing (HPC) codes is huge, HPC users have not broadly adopted data compression techniques, apparently because of a fear that compression will either unacceptably degrade data quality or that compression will be too slow to be worth the effort. In this paper, we examine the effects of three lossy(More)
In the face of the growing complexity of HPC systems, their growing energy costs, and the increasing difficulty to run applications efficiently, a number of monitoring tools have been developed during the last years. SIOX  is one such endeavor, with a uniquely holistic approach: Not only does it aim to record a certain kind of data, but to make all relevant(More)
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