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Galactose-terminating ligands are specifically recognized by mammalian hepatocytes, internalized, and degraded within lysosomes. We have studied the ffects of temperature on this process using "%asialofetuin and the perfused rat liver. Uptake and catabolism of 'aaI-asialofetuin continued but were progressively slowed as the temperature decreased from 36°C(More)
Acute bacterial meningitis continues to be a significant health concern, with a fatality rate of more than 30% in some studies. Although the face of bacterial meningitis has changed substantially over the past 15 years, this disease still causes significant mortality (particularly in underdeveloped countries) and neurological sequelae. Our understanding of(More)
The power of k-means algorithm is due to its computational efficiency and the nature of ease at which it can be used. Distance metrics are used to find similar data objects that lead to develop robust algorithms for the data mining functionalities such as classification and clustering. In this paper, the results obtained by implementing the k-means(More)
Based on count results, we estimated the population of Mariana fruit bats (Pteropus mariannus Desmarest) on Sarigan, Mariana Islands, to number 150-200 bats in 1999, 185-235 bats in 2000, and about 300-400 bats in 2001. Our results, plus those of two previous surveys, indicate that bat abundance on the island probably remained relatively stable at about(More)
  • Jeffrey, Rush, +6 authors Charles J . Waechterj
  • 2001
The specificity of Man-P-Dol:Mans_,GlcNAc2-P-P-PDol (Oligo-P-P-Dol) mannosyltransferase activity in pig brain was investigated by comparing a variety of mannosylphosphorylisprenols as mannosyl donors. For this comparison the b-Man-P-isoprenols were synthesized using a partially purified preparation of mannosylphosphorylundecaprenol (Man-P-Undec) synthase(More)
In this paper, the design of a simulation model for evaluating two alternative supercomputer configurations in an academic environment is presented. The workload is analyzed and modeled, and its effect on the relative performance of both systems is studied. The Integrated Capacity Planning Environment (ICPE) toolkit, developed for commodity cluster capacity(More)
It has been common practice to provide executives of firms with executive stock options as a part of the compensation package; such options are available both in US and Australia. These executive stock options are call options with additional restrictions. Until recently, the executive stock options were not required to be disclosed in the financial reports(More)
We investigate the temperature dependence of the emission wavelength and reflection band of polymer Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) and defect Distributed FeedBack (DFB) lasers fabricated using a coextrusion melt-process. We show the measured spectral shifts are a direct consequence of the optical path modifications associated with layer expansion and(More)