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A novel sequence discovered in a computational screen appears distantly related to the p35 subunit of IL-12. This factor, which we term p19, shows no biological activity by itself; instead, it combines with the p40 subunit of IL-12 to form a novel, biologically active, composite cytokine, which we term IL-23. Activated dendritic cells secrete detectable(More)
Infection of C57BL/6 mice with the V5A13.1 strain of mouse hepatitis virus (MHV-V5A13.1) results in an acute encephalomyelitis and chronic demyelinating disease with features similar to the human demyelinating disease multiple sclerosis. Chemokines are a family of proinflammatory cytokines associated with inflammatory pathology in various diseases. The(More)
The phylogenetic relationships among worldwide species of genus Ochotona were investigated by sequencing mitochondrial cytochrome b and ND4 genes. Parsimony and neighbor-joining analyses of the sequence data yielded congruent results that strongly indicated three major clusters: the shrub-steppe group, the northern group, and the mountain group. The(More)
Human DNA variation is currently a subject of intense research because of its importance for studying human origins, evolution, and demographic history and for association studies of complex diseases. A approximately 10-kb region on chromosome 1, which contains only four small exons (each <155 bp), was sequenced for 61 humans (20 Africans, 20 Asians, and 21(More)
  • Z Zhao, L Jin, +10 authors W H Li
  • 2000
Human DNA sequence variation data are useful for studying the origin, evolution, and demographic history of modern humans and the mechanisms of maintenance of genetic variability in human populations, and for detecting linkage association of disease. Here, we report worldwide variation data from a approximately 10-kilobase noncoding autosomal region. We(More)
Membrane vesicles were prepared from Escherichia coli cells in which SecE was depleted to 2% of wild-type membranes. SecE depletion had pleiotropic effects; SecD, SecF, SecG, and SecY were decreased 4-6-fold, whereas SecA was increased about 16-fold over that of wild-type membranes. These membranes were substantially active in the in vitro translocation of(More)
Whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), and the combination of both treatment methods were used for the management of single brain metastasis from lung cancer. The purpose of this study is to compare these three different treatment options in terms of local response, survival, and quality of life. From June 1995 to July 1998, 70(More)
Cytokines can be produced within the nervous system by various cell types, including astrocytes, which secrete them in response to pathological processes such as viral infections. Astrocytes are known to play an important role in the homeostasis of the nervous system, in particular, by contributing to the regulation of local energy metabolism. We report(More)
  • J J Chen, N Y Yu
  • 1997
The fatigue characteristics of paralyzed muscles were investigated during dynamic cycling movement induced by functional electrical stimulation (FES). The peak-to-peak (PTP) amplitude of stimulus-evoked electromyogram (EMG), after suppression of stimulus artifact, was adopted as fatigue indicator. Compared to static contraction, the effects of dynamic(More)
We are synthesizing and testing various 2-nitroimidazole analogs with different octanol/water partition coefficients for their radiosensitizing and cytototoxic properties. Our hypothesis is that, unlike the situation in vitro, lipophilicity will play a major role in determining the extent of radiosensitization of hypoxic tumour cells in vivo and also the(More)