Nathan Woodbury

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This paper focuses on how the vulnerability of an LTI system to destabilizing attacks can be posed as its robustness to external disturbances. First, we extend existing work on single link attack models to a more generalized attack model that allows for multiple link attacks. This is done by extending the partial structure representation of dynamical(More)
This paper surveys a brief history of agriculture, demonstrating how advances in genetics, equipment, and management practices have resulted in the remarkable productivity experienced by today’s agriculture industrial complex. We then show that progress in each of these areas is, in part, the result of new solutions to a feedback-control problem, whether it(More)
In this work we apply a systems-theoretic approach to identifying trend setters on Twitter. A network reconstruction algorithm was applied to Twitter data to determine causal relationships among topics discussed by popular Twitter users. Causal relationships in this context means that the topics tweeted by a single user influences the topics tweeted by(More)
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