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The views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Early Childhood Research Collaborative. Abstract This paper calculates the public savings (financial benefits) from greater public investments in the education of African American males. Over one-fifth of each age cohort of black males in the U.S. is not a(More)
This paper contributes to the growing literature on the relationship between business cycles and mental health. It is one of the first applications in the economics literature to incorporate data on web searches from Google Insights for Search, and these unique data allow the opportunity to estimate the association between weekly unemployment insurance (UI)(More)
Dramatic increases in obesity and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption over the past several decades have become major public health and clinical concerns. Obesity rates tripled in 30 years, and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among children more than doubled in the last 2 decades of the twentieth century (1). Many children drink more sugar-sweetened(More)
The potential health impacts of imposing large taxes on soda to improve population health have been of interest for over a decade. As estimates of the effects of existing soda taxes with low rates suggest little health improvements, recent proposals suggest that large taxes may be effective in reducing weight because of non-linear consumption responses or(More)
We explore financial conflicts of interest faced by doctors. Pharmaceutical firms frequently pay physicians in the form of meals, travel, and speaking fees. Over half of the 334,000 physicians in our sample receive payment of some kind. When a doctor is paid, we find that he is more likely to prescribe a drug of the paying firm, both relative to close(More)
Recent proposals argue that a fast food tax may be an effective policy lever for reducing population weight. Although there is growing evidence for a negative association between fast food prices and weight among adolescents, less is known about adults. That any measured relationship to date is causal is unclear because there has been no attempt to separate(More)
Dietary supplements sold for weight loss (WL), muscle building (MB), and sexual function (SF) are not medically recommended. They have been shown to be ineffective in many cases and pose serious health risks to consumers due to adulteration with banned substances, prescription pharmaceuticals, and other dangerous chemicals. Yet no prior research has(More)
BACKGROUND Recent experimental evidence suggests that stressed males find heavier women more attractive than non-stressed males. The aim of this study is to examine whether these results also appear in actual mating patterns of adults from a national sample. METHODS Regression analysis linking partner weight measures to own measures of childhood stress,(More)
The views expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of ABSTRACT In this paper we seek to identify those childhood interventions that show real promise of positively influencing children's human capital accumulation. Next we explore the quality of existing research on these interventions; establish a set of quality(More)
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