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Transplantation of arteries into the anterior eye chamber of rats for 8 weeks was used to test the hypothesis that the neurohumoral environment is important in establishing the altered membrane potential (observable during electrogenic ion transport inhibition) of vascular muscle in hypertension. When caudal arteries from 12- to 16-week-old spontaneously(More)
STUDY DESIGN Survey. INTRODUCTION App technology may provide a beneficial clinical resource for CHTs. PURPOSE OF STUDY This descriptive study examined beneficial components for inclusion in a potential app for certified hand therapists to use as a clinical resource based on a nationwide survey. METHODS Certified hand therapist members of the American(More)
STUDY DESIGN Survey. INTRODUCTION Fieldwork education is a vital component of training the next generation of CHTs. Barriers and solutions to fieldwork rotations in hand therapy are examined, as well as proposed solutions, including recommendations for student preparation. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This descriptive study examined barriers for certified hand(More)
The authors report improved fine motor coordination when using Dexteria with a healthy population. Technology may improve patient engagement and participation when incorporated into treatment programs. - Kristin Valdes, OTD, OT, CHT, Practice Forum Editor, Journal of Hand Therapy.
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