Nathan S. Caswell

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Any business, no matter what physical goods or services it produces, relies on business records. It needs to record details of what it produces in terms of concrete information. Business artifacts are a mechanism to record this information in units that are concrete, identifiable, self-describing, and indivisible. We developed the concept of artifacts, or(More)
K. Bhattacharya N. S. Caswell S. Kumaran A. Nigam F. Y. Wu For almost a decade, the artifact-centered operational-modeling approach for modeling business operations, also referred to as the ‘‘business artifact method,’’ has been practiced and refined. This approach has been used in a variety of engagements, and each engagement has brought forth innovations(More)
P. Chowdhary K. Bhaskaran N. S. Caswell H. Chang T. Chao S.-K. Chen M. Dikun H. Lei J.-J. Jeng S. Kapoor C. A. Lang G. Mihaila I. Stanoi L. Zeng Business process integration and monitoring provides an invaluable means for an enterprise to adapt to changing conditions. However, developing such applications using traditional methods is challenging because of(More)
N. S. Caswell C. Nikolaou J. Sairamesh M. Bitsaki G. D. Koutras G. Iacovidis The economic structure of service systems has steadily increased in complexity in recent years. This is due not only to specialization in direct material production and services offered, but also in the ownership and management of resources, the role of intangible assets such as(More)
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