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Beta-range oscillatory activity measured over the motor cortex and beta synchrony between cortex and spinal cord can be up- or downregulated in anticipation of a postural challenge or the initiation of movement. Based on these properties of beta activity in the preparation for future events, the present investigation addressed whether simultaneous up- and(More)
A technique to study the three-dimensional (3D) mechanical characteristics of the ankle and of the subtalar joints in vivo and in vitro is described. The technique uses an MR scanner compatible 3D positioning and loading linkage to load the hindfoot with precise loads while the foot is being scanned. 3D image processing algorithms are used to derive from(More)
Previous behavioral work has shown the existence of both anticipatory and reactive grip force responses to predictable load perturbations, but how the brain implements anticipatory control remains unclear. Here we recorded electroencephalographs while participants were subjected to predictable and unpredictable external load perturbations. Participants used(More)
Cells transition from spread to rounded morphologies in diverse physiological contexts including mitosis and mesenchymal-to-amoeboid transitions. When these drastic shape changes occur rapidly, cell volume and surface area are approximately conserved. Consequently, the rounded cells are suddenly presented with a several-fold excess of cell surface whose(More)
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