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Traditional African dance education as curriculum reimagination in postcolonial Zimbabwe: a rethink of policy and practice of dance education in the primary schools
This paper examines the teaching and learning of traditional dance at primary school level in Zimbabwe as a key aspect of postcolonial curriculum reimagination within the broader project ofExpand
“Who does this history curriculum want you to be?”: Representation, school history and curriculum in Zimbabwe.
This paper looks critically at representation in the history curriculum of Zimbabwe in relation to the production of subjectivity and identity that the government hopes will fulfil the quest forExpand
Covid- 19 and the future of practicum in teacher education in Zimbabwe: Rethinking the ‘new normal’ in quality assurance for teacher certification
ABSTRACT This article examines the policy and quality assurance debates in teacher education ensuing at one school of education in Zimbabwe following the sudden closure of schools and universitiesExpand
Government and educational reform: policy networks in policy-making in Zimbabwe, 1980–2008
This paper reflects on the key actors in education policy making in Zimbabwe. It looks at the contextual complexities that characterized policy-making in this country to make sense of theExpand
Representations of ‘difficult knowledge’ in a post-colonial curriculum: re-imagining Yvonne Vera’s The Stone Virgins as a ‘pedagogy of expiation’ in the Zimbabwean secondary school
This study reframes Yvonne Vera’s novel, The Stone Virgins as a potential secondary school literature text in the Zimbabwean curriculum through which a pedagogy of expiation could be re-imagined. TheExpand
African Dance as an Epistemic Insurrection in Postcolonial Zimbabwean Arts Education Curriculum
This chapter examines the possibilities of harnessing Indigenous African dance to initiate some form of epistemic insurrection in the postcolonial Zimbabwean arts education curriculum. The artsExpand
Theory and practice in in-service teacher learning: teachers’ reconceptualisation of curriculum in history lessons
This paper reports on the findings of a qualitative interpretive study that was undertaken to determine how in-service teachers at Great Zimbabwe University were able (or not) to translate a theoryExpand
What History Should Schools Teach in a Postcolonial Context?: Reimagining Secondary School History Curriculum for Democratic Practice in Zimbabwe
This chapter explores the nexus between the history education curriculum and democratic practice in the context of the Zimbabwean postcolonial nation-state. The concern with the Zimbabwean nationalExpand
The 'Translation Tool' for Critical Pedagogic Practice in the Classroom: Reimagining the Potential of Curriculum Theory in Teaching
This paper employs the notion of curriculum potential as a heuristic to rethink an in-service Curriculum theory undergraduate course offered at Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. TheExpand