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We present a prototype compressive video camera that encodes scene movement using a translated binary photomask in the optical path. The encoded recording can then be used to reconstruct multiple output frames from each captured image, effectively synthesizing high speed video. The use of a printed binary mask allows reconstruction at higher spatial(More)
—In this work, we propose using camera arrays coupled with coherent illumination as an effective method of improving spatial resolution in long distance images by a factor of ten and beyond. Recent advances in ptychography have demonstrated that one can image beyond the diffraction limit of the objective lens in a microscope. We demonstrate a similar(More)
Light field cameras allow us to digitally refocus a photograph after the time of capture. However, recording a light field requires either a significant loss in spatial resolution [10, 20, 9] or a large number of images to be captured [11]. In this paper, we propose incoherent hologra-phy for digital refocusing without loss of spatial resolution from only 3(More)
Desktop Image Relighting and Photometric stereo (Ongoing): • proposed near-light correction for image relighting and 3D shape recovery • designed a novel optimization method for light position estimation Plenoptic Camera Demosaicing (CCD'2014): • exploited sparsity constrains among angular, spatial and spectral correlations • proposed a dictionary learning(More)