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The putative link between gene expression of brain regions and their neural connectivity patterns is a fundamental question in neuroscience. Here this question is addressed in the first large scale study of a prototypical mammalian rodent brain, using a combination of rat brain regional connectivity data with gene expression of the mouse brain. Remarkably,(More)
Multi-cellular segmentation of bright field microscopy images is an essential computational step when quantifying collective migration of cells in vitro. Despite the availability of various tools and algorithms, no publicly available benchmark has been proposed for evaluation and comparison between the different alternatives. A uniform framework is(More)
We consider the problem of learning to map between two vector spaces given pairs of matching vectors, one from each space. This problem naturally arises in numerous vision problems, for example, when mapping between the images of two cameras, or when the annotations of each image is multidimensional. We focus on the common asymmetric case, where one vector(More)
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