Nathan J. Taylor

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Two polyubiquitin genes, bul409 and bul427, were isolated from a Solanum bulbocastanum BAC library. The bul409 and bul427 genes encode hexameric and heptameric polyproteins, respectively. bul427 exhibits a number of features suggestive of a pseudogene: (1) The last ubiquitin monomer of bul427 is interrupted by a frame shift mutation. (2) The coding sequence(More)
The estimation of crop water use is critical for accurate irrigation scheduling and water licenses. However, the direct measurement of crop water use is too expensive and time-consuming to be performed under all possible conditions, which necessitates the use of water use models. The FAO-56 procedure is a simple, convenient and reproducible method, but as(More)
Detached-Eddy Simulations of flows in weapon bays with a generic store at different positions in the cavity and with flexible fins are presented in this paper. Simulations were carried out to better understand the fluid–structure interactions of the unsteady, turbulent flow and the store. Mach and Reynolds numbers (based on the missile diameter) were 0.85(More)
The rapid and accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in children and extrapulmonary TB in adults continues to be a challenge. In this study, we determined the lower limit of detection (LOD) of the GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay with nonrespiratory specimens and investigated the utility of flotation procedures for concentrating the bacilli. Clinical specimens (9(More)
By targeting the erm(41) and rrl genes in the Mycobacterium abscessus group, a multiplex real-time PCR assay for clarithromycin resistance showed 95% (38/40) concordance with nucleic acid testing and 95% (37/39) concordance with phenotypic testing. This assay provides a simple and rapid alternative to extended incubation or erm(41) sequencing.
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