Nathan J. McGraw

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In a large-scale distributed simulation, participating federates receive and send messages to share state data and update subscription and publication regions. The focus of Data DistributionManagement (DDM), a High Level Architecture (HLA) Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI) service, is limiting and controlling the volume of data, regarding simulated entities,(More)
Triticum monococcum L., an A genome diploid einkorn wheat, was the first domesticated crop. As a diploid, it is attractive genetic model for the study of gene structure and function of wheat-specific traits. Diploid wheat is currently not amenable to reverse genetics approaches such as insertion mutagenesis and post-transcriptional gene silencing(More)
One of the main challenges for large-scale distributed virtual environments (LDVE) designers is to keep the shared virtual environment (VE) consistent among all participating users. As the number of participants grows, more information is generated, increasing network traffic and augmenting latency. One way to deal with the increasing traffic is to restrict(More)
The RNA polymerases encoded by bacteriophages T3 and T7 have similar structures, but exhibit nearly exclusive template specificities. We have determined the nucleotide sequence of the region of T3 DNA that encodes the T3 RNA polymerase (the gene 1.0 region), and have compared this sequence with the corresponding region of T7 DNA. The predicted amino acid(More)
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