Nathan J. Lehman

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A transmission/reflection material characterization technique that uses dual-ridged waveguides is presented. The proposed dual-ridged-waveguide system combines many of the positive aspects of traditional transverse electromagnetic-mode (e.g., coaxial, free space, and stripline) and rectangular waveguide systems, i.e., broadband measurements and accurate(More)
Electron stimulated electron desorption yielding secondary electron emission is to be examined both experimentally and computationally. A novel secondary electron emission test stand at UNLV housing a particle position detector maps the evolution of the spatial distribution of electron beam stimulated secondary electrons emitted from a metal target.(More)
Case 1 Presentation A 10-year-old boy presents with severe abdominal pain and urinary urgency. He denies any dysuria, hematuria, frequency, meatal spotting, penile discharge, or incontinence. He has had no recent viral infections or fevers and he denies any history of perineal trauma. He has no significant medical or surgical past medical history. Three(More)
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