Nathan J. Hiller

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The validity of self-monitoring personality in organizational settings was examined. Meta-analyses were conducted (136 samples; total N = 23,191) investigating the relationship between self-monitoring personality and work-related variables, as well as the reliability of various self-monitoring measures. Results suggest that self-monitoring has relevance for(More)
This article reports on an examination of the relationships between chief executive officer (CEO) personality, transformational and transactional leadership, and multiple strategic outcomes in a sample of 75 CEOs of Major League Baseball organizations over a 100-year period. CEO bright-side personality characteristics (core self-evaluations) were positively(More)
We thank Steve Zaccaro for his insightful conversations with us about this work. We also thank Chak Fu Lam, Nathalie Castaño, and Miliani Jimenez for their assistance with data collection and coding. Abstract This article assesses 25 years of empirical leadership research in 11 top journals with the goal of understanding current practice and future needs(More)
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