Nathan J. Hiller

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The validity of self-monitoring personality in organizational settings was examined. Meta-analyses were conducted (136 samples; total N = 23,191) investigating the relationship between self-monitoring personality and work-related variables, as well as the reliability of various self-monitoring measures. Results suggest that self-monitoring has relevance for(More)
This article reports on an examination of the relationships between chief executive officer (CEO) personality, transformational and transactional leadership, and multiple strategic outcomes in a sample of 75 CEOs of Major League Baseball organizations over a 100-year period. CEO bright-side personality characteristics (core self-evaluations) were positively(More)
Based on role enactment theory, leadership task theory, and emerging notions of leadership as a collective process, this study examined the existence and performance correlates of collective team leadership in state department of transportation road maintenance teams. Confirmatory factor analysis (n=277) supported a hypothesized four-factor model consisting(More)
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