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Most cellular processes depend on intracellular locations and random collisions of individual protein molecules. To model these processes, we developed algorithms to simulate the diffusion, membrane interactions, and reactions of individual molecules, and implemented these in the Smoldyn program. Compared to the popular MCell and ChemCell simulators, we(More)
Accurate evaluation of the performance of buildings participating in Demand Response (DR) programs is critical to the adoption and improvement of these programs. Typically, we calculate load sheds during DR events by comparing observed electric load against counterfactual predictions made using statistical baseline models. Many baseline models exist and(More)
LEGAL NOTICE This report was prepared for Pacific Gas and Electric Company for use by its employees and agents. Neither Pacific Gas and Electric Company nor any of its employees and agents: (1) makes any written or oral warranty, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to those concerning merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; (2)(More)
The authors also thank the technical review committee and editor at RSES Journal for their valuable contributions, as well as all of the partner contractors who have participated in the package demonstration. Abstract We present a methodology to evaluate the accuracy of baseline energy predictions. To evaluate the predictions from a computer program, the(More)
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