Nathan Huynh

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Due to environmental concerns, terminal operators at seaport container terminals are increasingly looking to reduce the time a truck spends at the terminal to complete a transaction. For terminals that stack their containers, the solution may seem obvious: add more yard cranes to reduce trucks' wait time in the yard. However, the high cost of these cranes(More)
Late starting surgeries at a Greenville Memorial Hospital have been shown to cause process and scheduling disruptions, and are a major contributor to dissatisfaction among patients and hospital staff. The preoperative system requires the preparation of a high volume of patients, each with an individual set of characteristics and array of required tasks(More)
Healthcare process redesign is a complex and often high risk undertaking. Typically, there is a limited understanding of the baseline process and often inadequate tools by which to assess it. This can be confounded by narrow redesign team expertise that can result in unanticipated and/or unintended redesign consequences. Interdisciplinary research teams of(More)
This paper presents findings of an observational study of the Registered Nurse (RN) Medication Administration Process (MAP) conducted on two comparable medical units in a large urban tertiary care medical center in Columbia, South Carolina. A total of 305 individual MAP observations were recorded over a 6-week period with an average of 5 MAP observations(More)
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Agent-based modeling is used to simulate human behaviors in different fields. The process of building believable models of human behavior requires that domain experts and Artificial Intelligence experts work closely together to build custom models for each domain, which requires significant effort. The aim of this study is to automate at least some parts of(More)