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Aphanopus carbo fishery is economically relevant in Portugal (Madeira Archipelago) since the 19th century and an important diet component of its inhabitants. However, Hg levels in this species are a cause of concern due to the insufficient knowledge of Hg subcellular distribution, accumulation and detoxification mechanisms. Hg concentrations (total and(More)
Surround Haptics is a new tactile technology that uses a <i>low-resolution</i> grid of <i>inexpensive</i> vibrating actuators to generate high-resolution, continuous, moving tactile strokes on human skin [1]. The user would not feel the discrete tactile pulses and buzzes that are so common today, but rather a <i>smooth tactile motion</i>, akin to what we(More)
HYPOTHESIS Liquid crystalline precursors, which are in situ gelling nanostructured surfactant systems, can undergo phase transition in aqueous solution and become more structured aggregates, controlling release of larvicides and acting as biotechnology alternatives for dengue control. Such systems can contain bioactive substances as Citrus sinensis(More)
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