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The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the newspaper NRC Handelsblad have organized NWO | Huygens Lectures since 1992. The lectures providing the publice at large a unique opportunity to listen to and meet famous scientists. The city council of The Hague acts as a host. (NIOB-KNAW). She is an highly appreciated spokesperson on human(More)
Last spring we published an essay on citation behavior that discussed a few of the many motivations scholars have for giving a citation. 1 We also commented on the reliability of these motivations for the purposes of citation anrdysis-and, indeed, for citation indexing itself. As part of th]s continuing examination of citation behavior, I am delighted to(More)
To serve the uninsured, America does not need any more doctors or any more hospitals; it needs policies to reallo-cate their services. We know enough, I would hazard, to suggest that greater resources would be most usefilly spent in preschools and elementary schools. Paul Starr emphasized the fact that health programs have improved the health status of the(More)
This dissertation examines the implications of international capital flows for endogenous tariff policy and multilateral forums such as the WTO. A series of three essays explores how governments' preferences over trade policies are affected by international equity portfolio integration, greenfield foreign direct investment, and the purchase of local(More)
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