Nathan Fulton

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We describe the operational in-orbit calibration of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)-8 and-9 imagers and sounders. In the infrared channels the calibration is based on observations of space and an onboard blackbody. The calibration equation expresses radiance as a quadratic in instrument output. To suppress noise in the blackbody(More)
Differential dynamic logic is a logic for specifying and verifying safety, liveness, and other properties about models of cyber-physical systems. Theorem provers based on differential dynamic logic have been used to verify safety properties for models of self-driving cars and collision avoidance protocols for aircraft. Unfortunately, these theorem provers(More)
Researchers interested in security often wish to introduce new primitives into a language. Extensible languages hold promise in such scenarios, but only if the extension mechanism is sufficiently safe and expressive. This paper describes several modifications to an extensible language motivated by end-to-end security concerns.
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