Nathan E Williams

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The relationship between the depression in the amplitude of the compound muscle action potential and neuromuscular decrement (fade) was studied during the induction of non-depolarizing blockade, using a train of four supramaximal stimuli. Neuromuscular decrement (%) was defined as: [1 - (amplitude of fourth muscle action potential)/(amplitude of first(More)
An 86-year-old man on whom a transurethral resection of prostate was performed under spinal anaesthesia developed profound bradycardia and hypotension with disturbance of consciousness during transfer to the recovery room. Initial treatment with atropine produced rapid improvement in cardiovascular and cerebral function. A further hypotensive episode(More)
BACKGROUND Adult acquired flatfoot is a complex deformity with numerous radiographic measurements described to define it. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the inter- and intraobserver reliability of six radiographic measurements using digital and conventional radiographs. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three digital weightbearing radiographs consisting of(More)
Case histories of three patients with intractable pain, all of whom responded to epidural morphine, are presented. Drug tolerance appeared to develop in two patients who survived longer than 10 days. Nevertheless this method of pain relief may be a useful adjunct to terminal care and in certain circumstances may allow for easier management in the patient's(More)
Extradural sacral (caudal) block was performed in 17 cases (14 patients) of chronic low back pain. In each case 22 ml of a bupivacaine/methylprednisolone solution incorporating a radioopaque dye was injected over a 2-min period. Patients were randomly assigned to receive the injection in the horizontal position or with 15 degrees head-up or head-down tilt(More)
The effect of antacids on the plasma concentration of phenoperidine was studied in six volunteers. All subjects received the same dose of phenoperidine (15 micrograms kg-1) on different occasions in the presence, and absence of, an antacid preparation. In control studies, secondary peaks in the plasma concentration of phenoperidine were invariably observed;(More)
The plasma concentration of edrophonium was measured in man after intravenous administration. In 5 patients, the clearance of edrophonium from the circulation during the 1-hr period of sampling was invariably resolved into 2 exponential components. An initial rapid phase of elimination from plasma (T/2 = 0.54 TO 1.92 Min) was followed by a much slower(More)
The effects of extradural administration of a microcrystalline preparation of morphine (Duromorph) were studied in 5 patients with postoperative or malignant pain. As assessed by pain scores on a visual analogue scale, the effects of the analgesic were extremely variable; the best results were obtained in patients with postoperative pain. Two patients with(More)