Nathan Davis

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This study investigated the effects of physical training on employees performing manual handling operations in three manufacturing plants. Employees from two plants were trained using progressive resistance exercise (PRE) while employees in the third plant were trained using PRE and trunk flexibility exercises (TFE). The results were: (1) a combined TFE and(More)
The intermediate filament protein synemin is present in astrocyte progenitors and glioblastoma cells but not in mature astrocytes. Here we demonstrate a role for synemin in enhancing glioblastoma cell proliferation and clonogenic survival, as synemin RNA interference decreased both behaviors by inducing G1 arrest along with Rb hypophosphorylation and(More)
BACKGROUND Several specialties and textbooks continue to advocate that local anesthesia using epinephrine should not be used during surgery involving the digits. OBJECTIVE We sought to assess the association between local anesthesia (buffered 0.5% lidocaine and 1:200,000 epinephrine) injected into digits, comorbid patient conditions, and postoperative(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors assessed relocated Hurricane Katrina survivors' emotional and biological stress measures 20 months postdisaster to understand effects of both hurricane exposure and forced relocation on emotional and physical health. DESIGN Psychiatric diagnoses, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depressive symptoms, and biological stress(More)
On March 11, 2000, the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team played St. John’s University for the Big East Tournament Championship before a nationally televised ESPN audience at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The second half of the game begins with 20th ranked St. John’s leading 22nd ranked Connecticut by nine points. The first six fouls(More)
BACKGROUND The efficient use of operating theatres is important to ensure optimum cost-benefit for the hospital and to clear waiting lists. This audit uses the orthopaedic trauma theatre as a model to assess the theatre efficiency at our institution. METHODS We performed a retrospective audit using data gathered from the operating theatre database at our(More)
This paper presents a novel, knowledge-based method for measuring semantic similarity in support of applications aimed at organizing and etrieving relevant textual information. We show how a quantitative context may be established for what is essentially qualitative in nature by ffecting a topological transformation of the lexicon into a metric space where(More)
There are great economic incentives motivating the reuse of existing foundations when deteriorated and damaged superstructures are replaced. The increasing reuse of existing bridge foundations warrants investigation into verifying foundation performance and condition of in service bridge foundations. A method is proposed which characterizes the(More)
Over the course of this century, there have been marked fluctuations in the extent of childlessness and single child fertility. In this article, data from the 1960 U.S. Census are used to examine cohort trends in childlessness and single child motherhood among women born in the years 1891-1925. A marked rise in low parity fertility is found among women(More)
High viscosity surfactant pastes have recently gained popularity in the production of high efficiency laundry detergents due to their ability to increase surfactant loading in granules. When using high viscosity semi-solid binders a unique challenge is presented because it forces granules to be formed primarily by mechanical dispersion; a relatively poorly(More)