Nathan Dahlberg

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Cultivation of human mononuclear bone marrow cells for 10 days in the presence of leukotriene B4 (8 X 10(-8) - 3 X 10(-6)M) led to an increase in the formation of granulocyte-macrophage colonies. The increase varied between 19 and 122% when compared to control cells. 5S, 12S-Dihydroxy-6, 8, 10, 14-eicosatetraenoic acid (5S, 12S-DHETE), an isomer of(More)
Human fetal livers from 6 to 13 weeks postconception were analysed before and after cryopreservation. The percentages of cell subsets, detected by MoAbs, did not change significantly after cryopreservation. Compared with BM, fetal liver contained significantly smaller subsets of cells identified by MoAbs, with two exceptions. Fetal liver contained a mean of(More)
Multidrug resistance to a variety of cytotoxic drugs is due to decreased drug accumulation at the intracellular site of drug action. When due to increased energy-dependent drug efflux, this transport change is often associated with increased expression of an efflux pump for various lipophilic compounds, for example the P-glycoprotein which is the product of(More)
Our research involves improving performance of programs written in the Java programming language. By selective specialization of generic types, we enable the compiler to eliminate typecasting, and provide type information to remove dynamic method lookup at runtime. An example of this specialization using Quicksort showed performance improvement of about 25%.
In an on-going population screening investigation at the Department of Preventive Medicine in Malmö, an interactive computer system has been developed for monitoring: (i) the electron and invitation of the health screening population; (ii) on-line registration and representation of demographic informations, test results and questionnaires; (iii) generation(More)
The questionnaire is an important element of a medical screening investigation, just as important as the biometrical screening tests. There are several difficulties in realizing interactive computer programs for such tasks. In the present report, we describe the design, operation and results of an interactive computer program for self-distributed medical(More)
Java 5.0 added classes with a type parameter, also known as generic types, to better support generic programming. Generic types in Java allow programmers to write code that works for different types, with the type safety checks performed at compilation time. Generic classes in Java function by type erasure. Type erasure works by creating a single instance(More)
Generic types in the Java programming language provide the convenience of writing generic code and perform compilation-time type checking. However, the implementation based on type erasure discards type instance information before run time, complicating dynamic optimizations. We propose a specialization of generic types-a source-to-source transformation(More)