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Normal development of the cerebral cortex requires long-range migration of cortical neurons from proliferative regions deep in the brain. Lissencephaly ("smooth brain," from "lissos," meaning smooth, and "encephalos," meaning brain) is a severe developmental disorder in which neuronal migration is impaired, leading to a thickened cerebral cortex whose(More)
arx was often vocal in his skepticism of specific labor organizations and leftist parties. Yet he emphasized the need to move beyond mobilizing around local, firm-specific, " economic " concerns to create " a political movement that is to say, a movement of the class, with the object of enforcing its interests in a general form, in a form possessing general(More)
An investigation of the psychological characteristics of 44 children aged 6-16 years with documented evidence of idiopathic infantile hypercalcaemia revealed cognitive abilities and behavioural patterns which distinguish these children from other mentally handicapped groups. The children were all mildly to severely mentally handicapped, but exhibited(More)
A sample of 23 children aged seven to 12 years with diagnoses of infantile hypercalcaemia was assessed on a battery of psychological tests and rating scales in an attempt to describe the psychological characteristics of this disorder. All children were found to have a mild or moderate degree of mental handicap. As a group, their expressive language skills(More)
We describe a sibship of three males, including monozygous twins, with cerebral and cerebellar malformations and congenital lymphedema. The parents of these children are related, being half second cousins. The clinical, radiologic and histopathologic features do not fit a previously recognized pattern. We feel this sibship represents a syndrome that has not(More)
Forty three children aged 6 to 16 years with a documented history of idiopathic infantile hypercalcaemia were assessed on a variety of cognitive and behavioural measures. No relation was found between the age at which hypercalcaemia was diagnosed and subsequent full scale intelligence quotients (IQ) and reading or spelling abilities. Verbal IQ was, however,(More)
The authors studied changes in indices of thyroid function prospectively in a group of 11 patients given amitriptyline to treat depression. The drug caused no significant alteration in these indices, but scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale improved significantly. In another group of subjects with depression, the stimulation of growth hormone(More)
Legacies, or students with a family member who graduated from the same college or university, have been the source of much debate. We add to the existing literature by providing a detailed empirical portrait of legacies at a private, selective university across the college years. We examine how legacies are distinctive in their admissions profiles,(More)