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The breaking of the N=8 shell-model magic number in the 12Be ground state has been determined to include significant occupancy of the intruder d-wave orbital. This is in marked contrast with all other N=8 isotones, both more and less exotic than 12Be. The occupancies of the [FORMULA: SEE TEXT]orbital and the [FORMULA: SEE TEXT], intruder orbital were(More)
To assess the test-retest reliability of four anger scales: the Buss Durkee Hostility Inventory (BDHI), the Reaction Inventory (RI), the Anger Self Report (ASR), and the Anger Inventory (NI), 60 student volunteers were twice administered the four inventories (two weeks apart). They also filled out a Personal Incidents Record of all anger-provoking incidents(More)
BACKGROUND Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) continues to be a significant health burden yet few countries have implemented a comprehensive screening programme. Screening typically places emphasis on men aged over 65 years; however, there is concern that other at-risk groups may be underidentified. The present study examined three potential screening(More)
The taxonomy of the damselfly genus Xanthocnemis is revised, with particular focus on populations inhabiting the North Island of New Zealand. Earlier studies revealed two species: X. sobrina, restricted to cool, shaded streams in kauri forests and other forested areas, and X. zealandica, a common species throughout New Zealand except the Chatham and(More)
The two-neutron halo nucleus (14)Be has been investigated in a kinematically complete measurement of the fragments ((12)Be and neutrons) produced in dissociation at 35 MeV/nucleon on C and Pb targets. Two-neutron removal cross sections, neutron angular distributions, and invariant mass spectra were measured, and the contributions from electromagnetic(More)
The 10.15 MeV resonance in 10Be has been probed via resonant 6He+4He elastic scattering. It is demonstrated that it is the Jpi=4+ member of a rotational band built on the 6.18 MeV 0+ state. A Gammaalpha of 0.10-0.13 MeV and Gammaalpha/Gamma=0.35-0.46 were deduced. The corresponding reduced alpha width, gamma2alpha, indicates one of the largest alpha-cluster(More)
The transfer of neutrons onto 24Ne has been measured using a reaccelerated radioactive beam of 24Ne to study the (d,p) reaction in inverse kinematics. The unusual raising of the first 3/2+ level in 25Ne and its significance in terms of the migration of the neutron magic number from N=20 to N=16 is put on a firm footing by confirmation of this state's(More)
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