Nathan Cunningham

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PURPOSE To examine the immediate responses of preterm infants to two forms of unimodal [auditory only (A) and tactile only (T)] and two forms of multimodal sensory stimulation [auditory, tactile and visual (ATV); auditory, tactile, visual and vestibular (ATVV)]. METHOD A convenience sample of 54 clinically stable preterm infants (33-34 postconceptional(More)
Research involving developmental intervention with premature infants in the hospital has traditionally taken two paths: application of a sensory stimulation protocol and individualized assessment and treatment. This article describes a new method that combines some of the philosophical strengths of these two approaches. A decision tree is presented to(More)
The neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) environment may interfere with the maturation and organization of premature infants' central nervous systems and may fail to meet these infants' developmental needs. In particular, immature distance receptors (i.e., hearing and vision) may receive overwhelming stimulation, whereas more mature tactile and vestibular(More)
Preterm infants with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) were evaluated to determine whether multi-sensory stimulation is safe and to assess whether it improved neurobehavior and neurodevelopment. Thirty preterm infants with documented PVL were randomly assigned to control (n= 15) or experimental (Group E) (n= 15) groups at 33 weeks post-conceptional age.(More)
The NERC Science Information Strategy Data Citation and Publication project aims to develop and formalise a method for formally citing and publishing the datasets stored in its environmental data centres. It is believed that this will act as an incentive for scientists, who often invest a great deal of effort in creating datasets, to submit their data to a(More)
The synthesis of 1,25(OH)2D3 is a critical control point in the regulation of calcium metabolism, and possibly in the growth and differentiation of a number of cell types. This paper reviews our current understanding of the regulation of this process at the cellular and molecular levels, with the emphasis on the mechanisms of feedback control 1,25(OH)2D3(More)
OBJECTIVE Internationally, caesarean section (CS) rates are rising. However, mean rates of CS across providers obscure extremes of CS provision. We aimed to quantify variation between all maternity units in Ireland. METHODS Two national databases, the National Perinatal Reporting System and the Hospital Inpatient Enquiry Scheme, were used to analyse data(More)
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