Nathan Conway

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Werner syndrome is associated with mutations in the DNA helicase RecQ3 [a.k.a. Homo sapiens (hs)WRN]. The function of hsWRN is unknown although biochemical studies suggest a role in DNA ends stability and repair. Unlike other RecQ family members, hsWRN possesses an N-terminal domain with exonuclease activity, which is stimulated by interaction with the Ku(More)
Peptides containing a triprolyl sequence carboxyl to a threonine residue can be O-glycosylated by a crude Triton x-100 extract of porcine submaxillary glands (Young, J. D., Tsuchiya, D., Sandlin, D. E., and Holroyde, M. J. (1979) Biochemistry 18, 4444-4448). In the present paper, we have studied the characteristics of the O-glycosylating enzyme,(More)
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