Nathan C. Pettit

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Differences in rank are a ubiquitous feature of social life. Moving beyond the traditional static view of social hierarchy, five studies spanning multiple contexts examined how intertemporal changes in rank influenced people's status judgments. When final rank was held constant, people, products, and institutions were judged as higher status when they had(More)
To those with high status, abundance is granted. Moving beyond the multitude of objective benefits, the authors explore how status, once conferred, colors the perceptual world people inhabit. In four experiments, participants' status state influenced their judgments of status-relevant features in their environment. Participants in a state of high status(More)
Forget bottom-up or top-down stock picking for a moment. Stop poring over those share charts. Set aside notions of technical or fundamental analysis. There’s a new stock selection strategy in town, backed up by some impressive research, that has generated abnormal annual returns of up to 6.9 per cent. In their new paper, academics Frederico Belo (University(More)
Conspicuous consumption and its accompanying debt played a critical role in crippling global financial markets in 2008. Although a confluence of factors contribute to hyper-consumerism, the authors explore the potential role of two psychological forces—the desire to combat self-threats through compensatory consumption and the relatively pain-free experience(More)
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