Nathan Broomhead

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Attention is drawn to the fact that copyright of this thesis rests with its author. This copy of the thesis has been supplied on the condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that its copyright rests with its author and that no quotation from the thesis and no information derived from it may be published without the prior written(More)
Discrete derived categories were studied initially by Vossieck [‘The algebras with discrete derived category’, J. Algebra 243 (2001) 168–176] and later by Bobiński, Geiß and Skowroński [‘Classification of discrete derived categories’, Cent. Eur. J. Math. 2 (2004) 19–49]. In this article, we define the CW complex of silting pairs for a triangulated category(More)
We ask when a finite set of t-structures in a triangulated category can be ‘averaged’ into one t-structure or, equivalently, when the extension closure of a finite set of aisles is again an aisle. There is a straightforward, positive answer for a finite set of compactly generated t-structures in a big triangulated category. For piecewise tame hereditary(More)
In this article, we study the derived categories of smooth, projective, toric surfaces. We follow the philosophy that varieties with zero curvature (i.e. KX = 0) possess the richest autoequivalences, with the group of autoequivalences being minimal for varieties at both ends of the curvature spectrum (i.e. KX ample or anti-ample) by the famous result of(More)
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