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News about untreatable sight loss is devastating. Clinicians have an important role to play in determining when and how information is provided, gauging how effectively patients are likely to cope, and recognizing when someone needs to access treatment for their psychological distress. It is true that some resilient individuals are able to adjust,(More)
BACKGROUND Wheelchairs for disabled children (≤ 18 years) can provide health, developmental and social benefits. World Health Organisation and United Kingdom Government reports demonstrate the need for improved access to wheelchairs both locally and internationally. The use of health economics within this field is lacking. Provision of wheelchairs based on(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the performance of junior high school learning disabled students on standard and modified administrations of selected subtests from the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. No significant differences were noted for correlations between types of administration and teachers' ratings on any of the subtest comparisons. Grade(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 95 million children worldwide are disabled; 10 % use a wheelchair. In the UK, an estimated 770,000 children are disabled. National Health Service Wheelchair Services are the largest provider of wheelchairs in the UK; however, recent reports have highlighted issues with these services. This study explores the use of discrete choice(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare two interventions for depression, problem solving treatment (PST) and referral to the patient's physician, with a waiting-list control group in people with sight loss and depressive symptoms. METHODS This was an assessor-masked, exploratory, multicenter, randomized clinical trial, with concurrent economic(More)
Four measures of arithmetic skills were evaluated for 69 learning disabled students (58 boys, 11 girls; 6 to 14 yr. old). These measures were the arithmetic subtests of the Wide Range Achievement Test and Peabody Individual Achievement test, the Key Math, and teachers' ratings. Partial correlations were high, indicating substantial content validity. Mean(More)
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