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Snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus Erxleben, 1777) fluctuate in 9–10 year cycles throughout much of their North American range. Regional synchrony has been assumed to be the rule for these cycles, so that hare populations in virtually all of northwestern North America have been assumed to be in phase. We gathered qualitative and quantitative data on hare(More)
Snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus Erxleben, 1777) fluctuate in 9–10 year cycles throughout much of their North American range. These cycles show large variations in cyclic amplitude and we ask what factors could cause amplitude variation. We gathered data from 1976 to 2012 on hare numbers in the boreal forest of Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and(More)
This paper presents new data on entrepreneurs' self-described decision processes 5 when choosing where to locate, based on scripted interviews with 49 well-placed business 6 owners and senior managers in charge of location choice. Consideration sets are surprisingly 7 small, especially among those who are successful. According to entrepreneurs' own(More)
In seven strains of cultured normal human osteoblast-like cells, a mean of 1615 molecules of tritium-labeled 17 beta-estradiol per cell nucleus could be bound to specific nuclear sites. The nuclear binding of the labeled steroid was temperature-dependent, steroid-specific, saturable, and cell type-specific. These are characteristics of biologically active(More)
This paper describes our approach to assured information sharing. The research is being carried out under a MURI 9Multiuniversiyt Research Initiative) project funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). The main objective of our project is: define, design and develop an Assured Information Sharing Lifecycle (AISL) that realizes the DoD's(More)
This paper addresses the question of why, in spite of its recent success, behavioral economics does not influence most discussions about how economic policy ought to be made. Failing to penetrate into contemporary discourse on leading policy issues is a serious problem, because behavioral techniques often point to policy prescriptions that are at odds with(More)
We introduce a game theory model of individual decisions to cooperate by contributing personal resources to group decisions versus by free riding on the contributions of other members. In contrast to most public-goods games that assume group returns are linear in individual contributions, the present model assumes decreasing marginal group production as a(More)
The anti-cancer drug camptothecin inhibits replication and transcription by trapping DNA topoisomerase I (Top1) covalently to DNA in a "cleavable complex". To examine the effects of camptothecin on RNA synthesis genome-wide we used Bru-Seq and show that camptothecin treatment primarily affected transcription elongation. We also observed that camptothecin(More)