Nathan Becker

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Previous research has yielded an inconclusive picture of the effects of music and scent on walking. Few laboratory studies have detected a beneficial effect of music; olfactory research has shown performance is positively affected for repetitive tasks but not yet on walking. The influence of these two types of stimuli in efficiency of exercise among seniors(More)
  • Amos Greene Winter, Anette E Hosoi, D David, E Hardt, Anette Peko, Hosoi +125 others
  • 2011
The aim of the research presented in this thesis is to generate compact, lightweight, low-energy, reversible, and dynamic burrowing systems for use in subsea applications such as anchoring, oil recovery, underwater cable installation, mine detonation, and sensor placement. As many organisms have evolved to embed themselves within undersea substrates,(More)
Previous research has yielded a contradictory picture of the effects of music on athletic performance. While athletes frequently report using music while training or during or before an event, laboratory studies have generally not detected a beneficial effect of music. The influence of music, judged mellow and frenetic, played before exercise was assessed(More)
Experiments and simulations from a variety of sample sizes indicated that the centrifugal force significantly affects the domain-chaos state observed in rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection-patterns. In a large-aspect-ratio sample, we observed a hybrid state consisting of domain chaos close to the sample center, surrounded by an annulus of nearly stationary(More)
Stereotactic body radiotherapy of lung cancer often makes use of a static cone-beam CT (CBCT) image to localize a tumor that moves during the respiratory cycle. In this work, we developed an algorithm to estimate the average and complete trajectory of an implanted fiducial marker from the raw CBCT projection data. After labeling the CBCT projection images(More)
We present experimental results for patterns of Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a cylindrical container with static sidewall forcing. The fluid used was methanol, with a Prandlt number sigma=7.17 , and the aspect ratio was Gamma identical withR/d approximately 19 ( R is the radius and d the thickness of the fluid layer). In the presence of a small heat input(More)
who have shown me the meaning of hard work and unconditional love. who have sacrificed everything just to give me a chance. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have had the privilege of working with my research advisor and dissertation committee chair, Professor Anthony Grbic. Tony, I want to thank you for support, invaluable guidance, and mentorship both in research and(More)
PURPOSE We previously developed a motion estimation technique based on direct cone-beam projection analysis. It is able to reconstruct the complete motion trajectory of a radio-opaque marker, including cycle-to-cycle variability, using respiratory binning of the projection images. This paper investigates the use of phase, amplitude, and amplitude-velocity(More)
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