Nathan Bales

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Biomedical data are becoming increasingly complex and heterogeneous in nature. The data are stored in distributed information systems, using a variety of data models, and are processed by increasingly more complex tools that analyze and visualize them. We present in this paper our framework for integrating biomedical research data and tools into a unique(More)
Spanner is a globally-distributed data management system that backs hundreds of mission-critical services at Google. Spanner is built on ideas from both the systems and database communities. The first Spanner paper published at OSDI'12 focused on the systems aspects such as scalability, automatic sharding, fault tolerance, consistent replication, external(More)
We address two open problems involving algebraic execution of full-text search queries. First, we show how to correctly apply traditional database rewrite optimizations to full-text algebra plans with integrated scoring, and explain why existing techniques fail. Second, we show how our techniques are applied in a generic scoring framework that supports a(More)
U.S. energy prices have risen by 51% over the last two decades. Buildings account for 39% of the total energy consumption in the United States. The Federal Government is a significant user of commercial buildings and can save money, improve the environment, and stimulate the green technology sector by migrating to sustainable facilities. The 2009 Executive(More)
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