Nathan Baddoo

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Objective: In this paper, we present a systematic literature review of motivation in Software Engineering. The objective of this review is to plot the landscape of current reported knowledge in terms of what motivates developers, what de-motivates them and how existing models address motivation. Methods: We perform a systematic literature review of peer(More)
Motivation in software engineering is recognized as a key success factor for software projects, but although there are many papers written about motivation in software engineering, the field lacks a comprehensive overview of the area. In particular, several models of motivation have been proposed, but they either rely heavily on one particular model (the(More)
This paper examines how XP practice meets the motivational needs of software developers. Interactions with peers have been identified by others as one potential area of (de)motivation but little detail is known. The nature of this motivator, as expressed by software developers themselves, was explored through semi-structured interviews with a high maturity(More)
In this paper we present survey data characterizing the implementation of SPI in 85 UK companies. We aim to provide SPI managers with more understanding of the critical success factors of implementing SPI. We present an analysis of the critical implementation factors identified in published case studies. We use a questionnaire to measure the use of these(More)
In this paper we present an analysis of software practitioners' motivations for software process improvement (SPI). Our findings are based on an empirical study of SPI in 13 software companies where we conducted focus groups with nearly 200 software practitioners. Our aim is to better understand how companies can maximise practitioner support for SPI. This(More)