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Calibrated Radiocarbon Dating at Keatley Creek: The Chronology of Occupation at a Complex Hunter-Gatherer Village
This paper provides an analysis of radiocarbon dates acquired during earlier and recent field seasons at the Keatley Creek site, southern British Columbia. Results indicate that early occupationsExpand
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The Emergence of Complex Hunter-Gatherers on the Canadian Plateau: A Response to Hayden
Brian Hayden argues that our analysis of Keatley Creek stratigraphy and dates offers inaccurate conclusions. Although our data demonstrate that the village appeared late and was somewhat unstable,Expand
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pXRF: a study of inter-instrument performance
Abstract Integrating portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) instrumentation into archaeological investigations has generated as much interest as skepticism because several characteristics of theExpand
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Sickle blade life-history and the transition to agriculture: an early Neolithic case study from Southwest Asia
In Southwest Asia, sickle blades first appear early in the sequence of the transition to agriculture. In the past, detailed qualitative research on silica bearing blade stone tools focus on theExpand
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Along the Margins? The Later Bronze Age Seascapes of Western Ireland
This article presents the results of multi-scalar investigations into the Later Bronze Age (LBA; 1500–600 bc) landscape of Inishark in County Galway, Ireland. The European LBA along the AtlanticExpand
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Results from the 2001 Excavations at Dhra', Jordan: Chipped Stone Technology, Typology, and Intra-Assemblage Variability
Presentation de l'industrie lithique recueillie en 2001 lors d'une campagne de fouilles de six semaines sur le site PPNA de Dhra ' au sud de la Jordanie. Les fouilles sur ce site ont produit unExpand
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Convergence in the Neolithic: Human population growth at the dawn of agriculture
By Nathan B. Goodale Ph.D. Washington State University May 2009 Chair: William Andrefsky Jr. Prehistorians generally agree that the origin of agriculture was associated with a transition inExpand
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Empirical study of the effect of count time on the precision and accuracy of pXRF data
Abstract As a cost-effective and non-destructive method for multi-element analysis, portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (pXRF) has the potential for broad archeological application; however,Expand
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Dhra', Excavation Project, 2002 Interim Report
Abstract This is an interim report on the second season of fieldwork and post-excavation analysis on the Pottery Neolithic and Pre-Pottery Neolithic site of Dhra', near the southern end of the DeadExpand
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