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The Structure of Sprawl: Identifying and Characterizing Employment Centers in Polycentric Metropolitan Areas
This paper applies a consistent framework to four comparably sized metropolitan areas to identify and characterize their employment centers. Employment centers are identified as places that exceed aExpand
Beggar Thy Neighbor? Property Taxation of Vacation Homes
Owners of vacation homes pay local property taxes, yet cannot vote on local referenda. From the standpoint of full-time residents, significant numbers of vacation homes reduce the real costs ofExpand
Liquidity Problems and Early Payment Default among Subprime Mortgages
Abstract We compare the twelve-month default probability among subprime borrowers differing only in the number of months before their first lump-sum property tax payment, after which time they may beExpand
A Model of Constitutional Constraints on Benevolent Governments and a Reassessment of the 1970s Property Tax Revolt
States forced by courts to tie assessed values to market values created uncertainty about property tax bills and we show that under rational expectations this uncertainty produces voter support forExpand
Local Amenities and Rents: Tiebout Takes a Vacation
This paper considers a two-community model with free mobility, public expenditures set by majority voting, amenities that differ across communities, and two types of taxpayers sorting acrossExpand
Liquidity problems and early payment default among subprime mortgages
The lack of property tax escrow accounts among subprime mortgages causes borrowers to make large lump-sum tax payments that reduce liquidity. Different property tax collection dates across states andExpand
Property Tax Limitations: An Interpretative Review
Limitations on aspects of property taxation are widespread in the United States with 43 states having some form of limit. Previous research has focused on a desire by local residents to constrainExpand
No relief: Tax prices and property tax burdens ☆
In 2001 the state of Minnesota reduced the weights assigned to non-residential property in local property tax bases, which increased residents' price of raising property tax revenue and affords theExpand
An Insurance Model of Property Tax Limitations
Forty-three states in the United States have legal limits on local property taxation. These limits constrain increases in local government revenues, increases in property values, and the level of taxExpand
Rational Expectations Voting in Agent-Based Models: An Application to Tax Ceilings
This paper introduces rational expectations voting into an agentbased model of collective choice. Our model is unique because it generates sophisticated forecasts of endogenous policy outcomes byExpand