Nathan Andrysco

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The ability to create and edit a model of a large-scale city is necessary for a variety of applications such as web-based navigation (e.g., MapQuest, GoogleEarth), emergency response training and simulation, urban planning, and content creation for the entertainment industry. Satellite and aerial photographs provide overhead views of large urban spaces.(More)
T he problem of human-induced climate change has emerged as one of the grand challenges facing humanity. Advances in scientifi c understanding in the past 20 years have confi rmed the fact of climate change and its likely acceleration , driven primarily by rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels—mostly from fossil-fuel combustion. We must reduce CO2 emissions to(More)
Most visualizations produced in academia or industry have a specific niche audience that is well versed in either the often complicated visualization methods or the scientific domain of the data. Sometimes it is useful to produce visualizations that can communicate results to a broad audience that will not have the domain specific knowledge often needed to(More)
We propose a new data representation for octrees and kd-trees that improves upon memory size and algorithm speed of existing techniques. While pointerless approaches exploit the regular structure of the tree to facilitate efficient data access, their memory footprint becomes prohibitively large as the height of the tree increases. Pointer-based trees(More)
Climate Change has emerged as one of the grand global challenges facing humanity. The dominant anthropogenic greenhouse gas that seems to be contributing to the climate change problem, carbon dioxide (CO 2), has a complex cycle through the atmosphere, oceans and biosphere. The combustion of fossil fuels (power production , transportation, etc.) remains the(More)
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