Nathan A Boersen

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Solid state manipulation by amorphous solid dispersion has been the subject of intensive research for decades due to their excellent potential for dissolution and bioavailability enhancement. The present review aims to highlight the latest advancement in this area, with focus on the fundamentals, characterization, formulation development and manufacturing(More)
OBJECTIVE The objectives of the current study were to understand the dissolution behaviors of amorphous solid dispersions (ASD) using different screening methods and their correlation to the dissolution of formulated products. MATERIALS AND METHODS A poorly soluble compound, compound E, was used as a model compound. ASDs were prepared with HPMC, Kollidon(More)
This work is an extension of the earlier work from this laboratory aimed at identifying raw material properties critical to the modeling of granule and ribbon properties as part of the optimization of roller (RC) compaction processes. The utility of roll gap (RG) and near-infrared (NIR) signal, specifically, the spectral slope, as process critical control(More)
This article aimed to model the effects of raw material properties and roller compactor operating parameters (OPs) on the properties of roller compacted ribbons and granules with the aid of principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares (PLS) projection. A database of raw material properties was established through extensive physical and(More)
Roller compaction is the most commonly employed dry granulation process in the pharmaceutical industry. While this process is increasingly used as an alternative to wet granulation, there are no parameter sets or system of equations to quickly scale up or transfer a formulation between two pieces of equipment. In this work, dimensionless variable was(More)
OBJECTIVES This research aimed at investigating the difference between the powders prior to and after hot melt extrusion. A preliminary assessment was also conducted to gain a better mechanistic understanding of the impact of hot melt extrusion on tabletability. MATERIALS AND METHODS Kollidon® VA 64 and mannitol were sieved into different particles sizes(More)
OBJECTIVE While previous research has demonstrated roller compaction operating parameters strongly influence the properties of the final product, a greater emphasis might be placed on the raw material attributes of the formulation. There were two main objectives to this study. First, to assess the effects of different process variables on the properties of(More)
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