Nathalie Vanzo

Michèle Crozatier2
Dominique Morello2
Ismaël Morin-Poulard2
2Michèle Crozatier
2Dominique Morello
2Ismaël Morin-Poulard
1Catherine Rabouille
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In Drosophila, localized activity of oskar at the posterior pole of the oocyte induces germline and abdomen formation in the embryo. Oskar has two isoforms, a short isoform encoding the patterning determinant and a long isoform of unknown function. Here, we show by immuno-electron microscopy that the two Oskar isoforms have different subcellular(More)
BACKGROUND In mammals, a temporal disconnection between mRNA transcription and protein synthesis occurs during late steps of germ cell differentiation, in contrast to most somatic tissues where transcription and translation are closely linked. Indeed, during late stages of spermatogenesis, protein synthesis relies on the appropriate storage of(More)
The structures attained by RNA molecules depend not only on their sequence but also on environmental parameters such as their temperature. So far, this effect has been largely neglected in bioinformatics studies. Here, we show that structural comparisons can be facilitated and more coherent structural models can be obtained when differences in environmental(More)
Self-renewal and differentiation of mammalian haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are controlled by a specialized microenvironment called 'the niche'. In the bone marrow, HSCs receive signals from both the endosteal and vascular niches. The posterior signalling centre (PSC) of the larval Drosophila haematopoietic organ, the lymph gland, regulates blood cell(More)
Blood cell production in the Drosophila hematopoietic organ, the lymph gland, is controlled by intrinsic factors and extrinsic signals. Initial analysis of Collier/Early B Cell Factor function in the lymph gland revealed the role of the Posterior Signaling Center (PSC) in mounting a dedicated cellular immune response to wasp parasitism. Further, premature(More)
In mammalian cells, nontranslating messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are concentrated in different cytoplasmic foci, such as processing bodies (PBs) and stress granules (SGs), where they are either degraded or stored. In the present study, we have thoroughly characterized cytoplasmic foci, hereafter called AGs for ALK granules that form in transformed cells expressing(More)
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