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Compared with complex coordinated orofacial actions, few neuroimaging studies have attempted to determine the shared and distinct neural substrates of supralaryngeal and laryngeal articulatory movements when performed independently. To determine cortical and subcortical regions associated with supralaryngeal motor control, participants produced lip, tongue(More)
In a recent paper in this journal, Speech Communication 41, 221–231] display a robust asymmetry effect in vowel discrimination, present in infants as well as adults. They interpret this effect as a preference for peripheral vowels, providing an anchor for comparison. We discuss their data in the framework of the Dispersion–Focalisation Theory of vowel(More)
PURPOSE Statistical studies conducted in various languages on both infants and adults have revealed an intersyllabic preference for initiating words with a labial consonant-vowel-coronal consonant sequence. Speech motor constraints have been proposed to explain this so-called labial-coronal effect. This study was designed to test for a possible perceptual(More)
This research focused on the syllable as a processing unit in handwriting. Participants wrote, in uppercase letters, words that had been visually presented. The interletter intervals provide information on the timing of motor production. In Experiment 1, French participants wrote words that shared the initial letters but had different syllable boundaries.(More)
The present article aims at exploring the invariant parameters involved in the perceptual normalization of French vowels. A set of 490 stimuli, including the ten French vowels /i y u e ø o E oe (inverted c) a/ produced by an articulatory model, simulating seven growth stages and seven fundamental frequency values, has been submitted as a perceptual(More)
Nitrogen narcosis occurs in humans at around 0.4 MPa (4 ATA). Hydrogen narcosis occurs between 2.6 and 3.0 MPa. In rats, nitrogen disturbances occur from 1 MPa and a loss of righting reflex around 4 MPa. Neurochemical studies in striatum of rats with nitrogen at 3 MPa (75% of anesthesia threshold) with differential pulse voltammetry have demonstrated a(More)
In the research field initiated by Lindblom & Liljencrants in 1972, we illustrate the possibility of giving substance to phonology, predicting the structure of phonological systems with non-phonological principles, be they listener-oriented (perceptual contrast and stability) or speaker-oriented (articulatory contrast and economy). We proposed for vowel(More)
Acquisition de la phonologie en langue seconde : le cas de la perception des groupes de consonnes du français par des apprenants vietnamiens Second Language Phonology Acquisition: the perception of French consonant groups by Vietnamese learners. This work addresses foreign language learning and specifically with the acquisition of French consonant groups by(More)