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Distribution and behavior of many trace elements in the aquatic environment has been well characterized, but little is known about silver (Ag) concentrations in coastal waters, even though this element ranks among the most toxic to marine invertebrates (Calabrese et al., 1977 ; Fisher and Hook, 1997 ; Webb and Wood, 1998). Studies conducted by Flegal et al.(More)
In the field of cancer pain, therapeutic patient education (TPE) allows patients to develop skills to better manage their pain. In the Lower Normandy region of France, the management of pain is based on networking, thus allowing proximity and accessibility for all concerned. We have thus designed and initiated a broad five-stage research program that(More)
With production activity tending rapidly towards international fragmentation, this study examines the consequences for labour countries of the forms of specialisation brought about by fragmentation processes. It further addresses the risk that fragmented sectors may become excluded from greater developments within the manufacturing industry as a whole. An(More)
This study aims to assess the feasibility and the effectiveness of a fetoscopic myelomeningocele (MMC) coverage using a sealed inert patch through a two-port access, in the sheep model. Forty-four fetuses underwent surgical creation of a MMC defect at day 75 and were divided into four groups according to the MMC repair technique, performed at day 90. Group(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to establish a simple and reproducible method for the assessment of the fetal head position when measuring crown-rump length (CRL) at the nuchal translucency scan. METHODS Two observers conducted a retrospective analysis of a consecutive series of 570 images of CRL collected by the French College of Fetal(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the extent to which the distribution of crown-rump length (CRL) values may be correlated with different criteria for the quality of the CRL images. STUDY DESIGN This is a retrospective analysis of a series of 977 CRL images, by two independent observers, for the presence or the absence of 14 quality hallmarks. Inter-observer agreement(More)
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