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The purpose of this paper is to present an analytical approach in order to minimize the energy storage of a DC bus composed of a source, a filter and a load to estimate the influence of all parameters (operating point, control ...) on the stability. The model of a real load, constituted by a PWM voltage inverter connected to a permanent magnet synchronous(More)
To prevent an endless debate between those supporting an intrinsic deficit versus an environmental deficit, the adolescent's problem has been seen here as both an individual problem and the metaphorical expression of a family problem. The intricacy of this two-faceted problem appears vividly with borderline and immature adolescents. Both the adolescent and(More)
With production activity tending rapidly towards international fragmentation, this study examines the consequences for labour countries of the forms of specialisation brought about by fragmentation processes. It further addresses the risk that fragmented sectors may become excluded from greater developments within the manufacturing industry as a whole. An(More)
The records of 236 adolescents (116 males and 120 females) admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit over an eight-year period were retrospectively reviewed to determine the characteristics of patients with a discharge diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Forty-two patients had a diagnosis of an affective disorder, including 18 patients (nine males and nine(More)
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