Nathalie Pillet

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BACKGROUND The objective was to solve two problems of an already validated scale measuring inpatient opinion on care: 1) a high non-response rate for some items due to the "not applicable" response option and 2) a skewed score distribution with high ceiling effect. METHODS The EQS-H scale ("échelle de qualité des soins en hospitalisation") comprised 26(More)
Acyclic nucleoside analogues with carboxamido- or nitro-substituted heterocyclic bases have been evaluated for their possible use as universal bases in oligodeoxynucleotides. The acyclic moiety endows the constructs with enough flexibility to allow good base stacking. The 5-nitroindazole analogue afforded the most stable duplexes among the acyclic(More)
Depression in patients with mastocytosis is often reported but its prevalence and characteristics are not precisely described. In addition, the impact of therapies targeting mast cells proliferation, differentiation and degranulation on psychic symptoms of depression have never been investigated. Our objective was to determine the prevalence and to describe(More)
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