Nathalie Perrier

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Winter road maintenance planning involves a variety of decision-making problems related to the routing of vehicles for spreading chemicals and abrasives, for plowing roadways and sidewalks, for loading snow into trucks, and for transporting snow to disposal sites. These problems are very difficult and site specific because of the diversity of operating(More)
This is the last part of a four-part survey of optimization models and solution algorithms for winter road maintenance planning. The two first parts of the survey address system design problems for winter road maintenance. The third part concentrates mainly on vehicle routing problems for spreading operations. The aim of this paper is to provide a(More)
Emergency response operations in electric distribution systems involve a host of decision-making problems at the reliability, performance monitoring and evaluation, and contingency planning levels. Those operations include fault diagnosis, fault location, fault isolation, restoration, and repair. As the first of a two-part survey, this paper reviews(More)
This is the last part of a two-part survey of optimization models and solution algorithms for emergency response planning in electric distribution systems. The first part of the survey addresses reliability planning problems with fault considerations related to electric distribution operations. The aim of this second part is to provide a comprehensive(More)
Overlapping activities is widely used to accelerate project execution. Overlapping consist in executing in parallel two sequential activities by allowing a downstream activity to start before the end of an upstream activity based on preliminary information. In companies, overlapping is examined in resource constraints scheduling without considering(More)
Mission The mission of the IJISPM-International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management-is the dissemination of new scientific knowledge on information systems management and project management, encouraging further progress in theory and practice. The IJISPM publishes leading scholarly and practical research articles that aim to advance the(More)