Nathalie Moutier

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With more than 100 accessions, the CBNMP olive collection includes a major part of the French germplasm. We used molecular markers to characterise all accessions and to study genetic relationships between cultivars. Firstly, 497 olive trees were genotyped using 32 RAPD markers. We identified 114 RAPD profiles and detected several cases of mislabelling,(More)
The agronomic performance of fruit trees is significantly influenced by tree internal organization. Introducing architectural traits in breeding programs could thus lead to select new varieties with a regular bearing and lower input demand in order to reduce training and environmental costs. However, an interaction between tree ontogeny and genetic factors(More)
Climatic changes impact fruit tree growth and severely limit their production. Investigating the tree ability to cope with environmental variations is thus necessary to adapt breeding and management strategies in order to ensure sustainable production. In this study, we assessed the genetic parameters and genotype by environment interaction (GxE) during the(More)
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