Nathalie Meurice

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Abnormally low plasma concentrations of thyroid hormones during sepsis often occur in the absence of thyroidal illness; however, the mechanisms involved in the "euthyroid sick syndrome" remain poorly understood. Here, we describe a previously unrecognized interaction between the thyroid hormone thyroxine (T(4)) and the proinflammatory cytokine macrophage(More)
In order to improve the discovery and development of new drugs, a broad effort is being made to assess the 'drug-like' properties of molecules in early stages of the discovery-research process. Although there are numerous approaches to this problem, perhaps the simplest and most widespread one is that developed by Chris Lipinski and his co-workers at(More)
Aquaporin (AQP) water channels, essential for fluid homeostasis, are expressed in perivascular brain end-feet regions of astroglia (AQP4) and in choroid plexus (AQP1). At a high concentration, the loop diuretic bumetanide has been shown to reduce rat brain edema after ischemic stroke by blocking Na(+)-K(+)-2Cl(-) cotransport. We hypothesized that an(More)
Mutations in the 11β-hydroxylase (CYP11B1) gene are the second leading cause of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by adrenal insufficiency, virilization of female external genitalia, and hypertension with or without hypokalemic alkalosis. Molecular analysis of CYP11B1 gene in CAH patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Benzimidazole derivatives are promising compounds for the treatment of parasitic infections. The structure-activity relationships of 91 benzimidazoles with activity against Trichomonas vaginalis and Giardia intestinalis were analyzed using a novel activity landscape modeling approach. RESULTS We identified two prominent cases of 'activity(More)
INTRODUCTION The concept of chemical space has broad applications in drug discovery. In response to the needs of drug discovery campaigns, different approaches are followed to efficiently populate, mine and select relevant chemical spaces that overlap with biologically relevant chemical spaces. AREAS COVERED This paper reviews major trends in current drug(More)
DNA hypomethylating drugs that act on DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) isoforms are promising anticancer agents. By using a well-characterized live-cell system to measure DNA methylation revisions (imprints), we characterize olsalazine, an approved anti-inflammatory drug, as a novel DNA hypomethylating agent. The cell-based screen used in this work is highly(More)
Protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) represent an important class of enzymes that mediate signal transduction and control diverse aspects of cell behavior. The importance of their activity is exemplified by their significant contribution to disease etiology with over half of all human PTP genes implicated in at least one disease. Small molecule inhibitors(More)
The nonreceptor focal adhesion kinases FAK and Pyk2 play a central role in the regulation of glioma cell proliferation and migration, making them attractive targets to improve clinical outcome. Noncatalytic targeting represents a novel approach to regulate the activity of these tyrosine kinases. A combination of site directed mutagenesis and molecular(More)
In this paper, we propose a reduced representation of molecules of pharmacological interest based on their chemical functions. The proposed representations of the molecules are obtained by a topological analysis of their electron density maps at medium resolution, leading to graphs of critical points. The distribution of the different types of critical(More)